10 High-Paying Insurance Jobs in Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville, FL has emerged as a hub for high-paying insurance jobs, offering a range of lucrative opportunities in the field. From Insurance Underwriters who assess risk and determine policy terms, to Claims Adjusters who investigate and settle insurance claims, the city boasts a diverse array of roles.

Additionally, Insurance Sales Agents play a crucial role in promoting insurance products and services to potential clients. For those with a knack for numbers, Actuaries offer their expertise in assessing and managing financial risks.

Furthermore, Risk Managers play a vital role in identifying and mitigating potential risks for insurance companies. With such a wide array of high-paying insurance jobs available, the question remains: which one is right for you?

Insurance Underwriter

Insurance underwriters in Jacksonville, FL play a vital role in the insurance industry by evaluating and assessing risks to determine coverage and premium rates. These professionals are responsible for analyzing applications, reviewing insurance policies, and evaluating the potential risks associated with insuring individuals or businesses. By carefully assessing risks, underwriters help insurance companies make informed decisions about providing coverage and setting appropriate premium rates.

In Jacksonville, FL, insurance underwriters use various factors to evaluate risks. They consider an applicant's age, health condition, occupation, lifestyle habits, and previous insurance claims history. By analyzing this information, underwriters can determine the likelihood of a claim and calculate the appropriate coverage and premium rates.

Insurance underwriters in Jacksonville must have strong analytical skills and attention to detail. They meticulously review applications and policy documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with underwriting guidelines. They also need to stay updated on industry regulations and market trends to make informed decisions.

Additionally, underwriters in Jacksonville often work closely with insurance agents and underwriting managers to gather additional information or clarify any uncertainties. They may also collaborate with actuaries to develop pricing models and calculate risk probabilities.

Claims Adjuster

Building on the foundation of evaluating risks and determining coverage, claims adjusters in Jacksonville, FL play a crucial role in the insurance industry by assessing and investigating insurance claims to ensure fair and accurate settlements. These professionals are responsible for reviewing insurance policies, gathering relevant information, and conducting thorough investigations to determine the extent of coverage and liability. Claims adjusters in Jacksonville utilize their expertise to evaluate the validity of claims and negotiate settlements with policyholders, ensuring that the claims are processed efficiently and effectively.

In Jacksonville, claims adjusters work closely with policyholders, insurance agents, and other professionals to gather necessary evidence, such as photographs, witness statements, and police reports, to support or refute the claims. They analyze policy provisions, evaluate damages, and determine the appropriate compensation for losses covered by the insurance policy. Additionally, claims adjusters may also collaborate with legal professionals when claims involve complex legal issues or potential fraud.

Attention to detail, strong analytical skills, and excellent communication abilities are essential for claims adjusters in Jacksonville. They must document their findings accurately, prepare detailed reports, and communicate their decisions effectively to policyholders and other stakeholders. Additionally, claims adjusters must stay updated on industry regulations, policy changes, and emerging trends to ensure compliance and provide informed guidance to policyholders.

Insurance Sales Agent

With a focus on sales and customer relations, insurance sales agents in Jacksonville, FL play a crucial role in the insurance industry by providing expert guidance and securing policies for individuals and businesses. These professionals act as intermediaries between insurance companies and potential clients, using their knowledge and expertise to help individuals and businesses find the most suitable insurance coverage for their needs.

Insurance sales agents in Jacksonville are responsible for educating clients on various insurance options available to them, such as auto, home, life, and commercial insurance. They assess clients' specific requirements and recommend policies that provide adequate coverage. These agents also assist clients in navigating the complex insurance landscape, explaining policy terms and conditions, and answering any questions or concerns they may have.

To succeed in this role, insurance sales agents must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills. They must be able to build and maintain relationships with clients, gaining their trust and confidence. Additionally, these agents must stay updated on industry trends, changes in insurance regulations, and new product offerings to provide accurate and reliable advice to their clients.

Insurance sales agents in Jacksonville may work independently or as part of an insurance agency. They often work on a commission basis, earning a percentage of the policies they sell. The earning potential in this field is high, especially for agents who excel in sales and customer service.


Actuaries in Jacksonville, FL play a crucial role in the insurance industry by analyzing data and using mathematical models to assess and manage potential risks for insurance companies and clients. These professionals use their expertise in mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to help companies make informed decisions about pricing, underwriting, and risk management.

Actuaries use a variety of techniques to analyze data and predict future events. They gather and analyze data on mortality, accident rates, health expenses, and other relevant factors to calculate the probability of certain events occurring and the potential financial impact of those events. Using this information, they develop models that help insurance companies determine appropriate premiums, reserves, and policy terms.

Actuaries also play a crucial role in helping insurance companies manage risks. They assess the potential risks associated with new insurance products and provide recommendations on how to mitigate those risks. They also monitor and review existing policies to ensure they remain financially viable.

In addition to their technical skills, actuaries must have strong communication and interpersonal skills. They often work closely with underwriters, claims adjusters, and other professionals in the insurance industry to gather information and develop risk management strategies.

Risk Manager

The role of a Risk Manager in Jacksonville, FL is crucial in the insurance industry as they are responsible for identifying, assessing, and managing potential risks that could impact insurance companies and their clients. Risk managers play a vital role in ensuring the financial stability and success of insurance companies by implementing effective risk management strategies. They analyze various factors such as economic trends, regulatory changes, and emerging risks to develop strategies that minimize potential losses.

In Jacksonville, FL, risk managers work closely with underwriters, claims adjusters, and other professionals to evaluate risks associated with insurance policies. They conduct thorough risk assessments and develop risk mitigation plans to protect the financial interests of both the insurance company and its clients. This includes identifying potential areas of vulnerability, proposing risk transfer strategies, and implementing risk control measures.

Furthermore, risk managers in Jacksonville, FL also play an important role in maintaining compliance with industry regulations and guidelines. They ensure that insurance policies and practices are in line with legal requirements and industry standards. Additionally, they monitor market trends and conduct risk audits to identify any potential gaps in risk management processes.


In conclusion, Jacksonville, FL offers a range of high-paying insurance jobs such as insurance underwriters, claims adjusters, insurance sales agents, actuaries, and risk managers.

These professions require specialized skills and knowledge in assessing risks, evaluating claims, and selling insurance policies.

With the growing importance of insurance in today's society, individuals pursuing these careers can expect promising opportunities for career growth and financial stability in the insurance industry in Jacksonville, FL.

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